Need compressor for air conditioning unit in a 1998 Mitubishi

I am trying to locate an air conditioner compresser for a 4 prong belt not a five prong belt. Can you help?

What is a “belt prong”? In anycase you could be using the same compressor with a different clutch/pulley assembley.

If the compressor is the bad component, buy the compressor without the clutch and pulley and have these transferred to the new compressor. If the bearing in the pulley is questionable have this changed while it is off the compressor.

A well tooled A/C shop should be able to do this. You might ask the parts store who they recommend for this sort of machine work.

Alternately, you could drop the car off at the A/C shop with the A/C compressor, have them evacuate your system, remove the old compressor, flush the system, exchange the clutch and pulley, install the compressor, change the receiver dryer, evacuate the system, recharge with the correct weight and type of refrigerant, and check out the system.

Good luck on this.