Need answer quick!


I am about to buy a new acura MDX in pearl white. I inspected it and found a few bubbles in the paint (on the hood and elsewhere) - the size of pin heads. Is this normal and to be expected with any new car, or can this little problem turn into something big later? The dealer told me they are nothing. Any help appreciated!


I haven’t heard of a quality car paint job having “bubbles” large enough to be easily spotted, but perhaps there’s something about this “Pearl white” that’s different (makes even pinhead-sized ones stand out). Are you sure of their nature? They’re really bubbles and not dust specks under the paint, or (worse) rust already in progress? Anyway, if the dealer is telling you that they won’t cause any problems, I’d request that in writing. Also document (such as with a photo) exactly where they are. That way, some years down the road when the car is out of warranty and the bubbles have turned to rust spots, you can demand satisfaction. If in their current state you find them quite noticeable and aesthetically objectionable, go up the chain (over the dealer’s head) to get satisfaction. Just make sure you’re not overreacting to a very minor cosmetic blemish (“pinhead” sounds so tiny). Everyone wants their newborn child to be perfect, but a little flaw here and there isn’t the end of the world. Maybe you can look over other cars at the dealer and see how (un)common this flaw is. Don’t worry, you’ll have fine scratches in the paint before the week is out!


Of course the dealer is going to tell you their nothing, but this could be very serious. Look at the seat belts down near the floor anchor by the side of the seat and see if the warning flag is showing, that means its been wrecked. Sometimes new cars are wrecked on a test drive. There may be other signs that it has been in an accident, but on a Honda, paint defects would be very suspect.


Just how new?
4 or 5 miles new, or 400 miles new? If it’s the latter then maybe it’s a demo that has been whacked.

It’s also possible that it could be paint defects if the car is a legitimate 4 or 5 mile brand new one.


On a new car, you shouldn’t settle. Have them get you another one, even if you have to wait.


Move on and get another vehicle if your not satisfied. This is a $40k vehicle and expect much more. Don’t let them repair it and sell it to you.


Paint bubbles ae an indication of poor paint preparation. If it bubbles up a few months after it was painted, it may very well start peeling soon. Find another car. Even though the paint is guaranteed, you will lave to turn it over for at least a week to have it repainted. And possibly more than once.