Need advice!


We bought a 2000 durrango. After about 4 days it started having problems shifting. We took to a transmission shop where they told us 2 sylenoids(?spelling) were bad. They pulled the pan and said the shavings were borderline and suggested rebuilding. Our dealer wanted his guys to look at it. They have fixed the sylenoids and now want us to sign a goodwill form releasing them from further obligations. They will pay for the work already done. Is it wise to sign this document?

Any help would be appreciated!


Don’t sign anything! You’ve purchased a nightmare, unfortunately. I suggest you tell them you will gladly take your money back and they can keep the Durango. Be forceful if necessary, otherwise you will be stuck with this junker.


Thank you! I don’t know if I mentioned that we did sign a no warranty form when we bought it. They have told us that they have no obligation to give money back…they said that we could choose a different vehicle from the lot…


Something smells. You already signed a no warranty agreement and now they want you to sign a no responsibility agreement? If they have no responsibility why do they want a second agreement?

Why would anyone buy a car from a dealer who wanted them to sign a agreement exempting them from normal responsibility. That should be a very big red flag.


You need to be clear. Is there a warranty or was this an as-is sale?

If as-is the shop/dealer was good to address and signing the paper is no loss. If this is a warranty repair I would be reluctant to sign it too.


What type of dealer is it? If it’s a new car dealer, they have a lot at stake in selling substandard cars. If that is what transpired. If it’s a new car dealer, I’d take it back and demand a refund. You might consider trading it straight up for another car or truck on the lot. Don’t talk to the salesman, unless he can be an ally. You need to talk to at least the used car sales manager or his boss. Whoever makes the decisions is the one you negotiate with.