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Dealership actually offered to give me a new cars

I bought a 2003 Accord with 90k 4 months ago, have had problem after problem, the most recent is an electrical issue 2 garages unable to diagnose. Mechanic recommended driving it until the problem happened again, hopefully a code would show up.

I left a comment on the dealer’s website about how I hated my honda and their dealership. The director called me today and wanted to help me. he offered to fix the car (warranty long expired) or find a different one of equal value and just basically trade keys, keep my original loan. THEN he said the car was originally determined to be a wholesale vehicle but a mistake was made and was sold on their value line. I said I didn’t pay a wholesale price, he said ,“no you didn’t”. What should I do? how much did I overpay in this situation, what else deemed it wholesale and they should fix every bit of it. I just want to give the car back

“I just want to give the car back”

So, give it back. Sounds like a win/win deal to me… well, maybe lose for the dealer.

Take the offer. They have absolutely no obligation to take it back unless they gave you a warranty.

Sounds like the dealer is trying to make things better. Big surprise, but it does happen. Do the deal (and take the replacement to another mechanic for a checkout before you sign the papers).

You are right about one thing; the ball is in your court. Don’t be the jester; make a deal.

If the car was sold to you as is then it sounds like they’re at least trying to work with you. If you’re that disgruntled with the car then maybe swapping it back is not a bad idea.

It sounds a bit strange to me that they were going to wholesale an '03 Accord with only 90k miles on it though; unless there is something very shaky in the car’s history.

If you do another car deal with them just make sure there is no number juggling going on with the next contract.

Where is this dealer??? They sound like a good honest dealer who’s NOT trying to screw everyone who walks through the door. Someone treats me like that they have a customer for life.

See what they have to offer. You can always say no if you don’t like the choice, or you could pay a little to upgrade from the choices they offer for a straight-up trade. You might even find that they have a great trade for you. You’ll never know until you start the process. You can always say no at any time up until you trade cars. I’d go for it. And if it works out for you, tell all your friends and neighbors about it. The dealer should get credit and more customers.

The director of operations told me they sold me a wholesale vehicle at retail. their mistake. when I try to upgrade I think they should give me more money-I paid retail price for a pos wholesale car. don’t you think?

They could give you credit in the amount you paid them, and sell you another car that you approve. You paid what you paid. They don’t owe you more.

No, you’re not entitled to punitive damages.

It’s not the mistake (or alleged mistake) that was made that has me curious. It’s why an '03 Accord with 90k miles is a wholesale unit.
We’ll never know the answer to that one.