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Need advice wiring new Voltage Regulator up to Alternator

I got a VR 1261 to replace the old and possibly incompatible VR 1003 that was previously installed in the vehicle. I need to wire the FIELD and ARMATURE terminals from the new VR to the Alternator, problem is I’m not sure which terminal should wire to the Alternator’s Diode, and which should wire to the Alternator’s Negative/Ground terminal. Hoping someone can advise me, as I don’t want to potentially ruin my alternator through improper wiring when polarizing the new VR!

How old is the Jeep? What brand alternator is on it?

Jeeps with external voltage regulators are ‘classics’ with unknown ignition and charging systems until you actually inspect the components.

Its a 1965 Jeep Wagoneer, no idea what the alternator is however. Should be vehicle stock but it does have a refurbished sticker on it. The one Autozone matches on their site looks just like it, if that helps. I’ll see if I can get a link for it real quick.

As far as the charging system it’s all bare bones, starter solenoid, alternator, VR, battery