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Magazines interested in publishing a SW Trailer article?

Hi, all.

I’m a writer who has finished an article on single-wheel trailers, which were popular from the 1940s to the 1960s. I’d like to submit it to a magazine for publication, but I don’t know the automotive magazine market very well. I know that Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Automobile are still around, but are others who might be interested in an article like this? (I know that Road and Track is still around, too, but they may be too performance-oriented to be interested in the subject.)

I think I would take a look at Hemmings. They do historical automotive articles. Don’t know if they pay though.

Photographers have a reference book entitled the “Photographers’ Marketplace” that lists everyplace the purchases photos (there are thousands) as well as the format they require and lot of other info.
Have you searched for such a reference publication for authors? I’ll bet there is on. You might even be able to buy one at your local Barnes & Noble.

Trailer Life is a very popular magazine and covers all manner of trailers.

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I’d guess you’d have better luck with a magazine that specializes in classic cars and classic car restorations. There’s one magazine published in Britain – Practical Classics – that sometimes mentions a restored classic’s ability to pull small camping trailers. Most USA based classic car publications focus more on hot rod and performance type cars. there’s one titled “The Automobile” that isn’t so performance oriented, the focus more on antique type cars, that might be interested in small trailers. I’d guess however that you’d have more luck with a magazine that focusses on outdoors, camping, etc, or one that publishes blurbs on cool gadgets, like Popular Science or Popular Mechanics.

I’ve seen short (1 or 2 page) articles about oddities in “Autoweek.”

Thanks for all your suggestions, folks! I’ll track them down.