Need a mechanic in the Pittsburgh area for a 2002 Ford Taurus

Looking for recommended mechanics in my area

Joe’s on the corner of 23rd and Broadway does good work at decent prices.

Wally’s service is very good, ask for Goober. :wink:

I specified the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area these shops aren’t in this area.

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If you want valid recommendations then friends , relatives , coworkers , any online rating site .

You got silly replies because you did not even say where you were in your first post. And I don’t think there are any regular members here that live in Pittsburg and if they did they could be completely on the opposite side of town from you.


I don’t see where you specified Pittsburgh anywhere, until your second post.

Or now, where you have edited your original post, and changed the title.


The Repair Shops tab at the top of the community page does have a fair number of places reviewed for your area, how recent i can’t say. Yelp reviews are probably more recent. If you were around here i could direct you to a bunch of shops but as in your area it depends on who’s closest.

The Mechanics file is really not much good as so many of the reviews are years old . Carolyn says they have plans to clear it up . As for recent , one shop has had some recent positive posts but they read like they were written by the same person who just changed the vehicle brand each time.

Of course the person who started this did not even say what kind of repair they thought they needed so how do they expect to get a helpful response ?

Which is why i cautioned that many reviews wouldn’t be recent. referrals from friends and co-workers are more relevant. We have a couple of amazing shops within minutes of here that would be a good fit for a Ford Taurus or I’d send anyone who asked to my parents mechanic of 28yrs if they don’t mind driving across town.

Expat Yinzer here, what part of the Burgh are you in? I lived in Cranberry TWP and can give you a recommendation there.

A 2002 Taurus is common as dirt

I imagine pretty much any decent shop could handle just about any repairs on the car

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