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Nav N Go iGo 8 BMW E46

Hello everyone

I recently bought my E46 316i and it came with an Nav n Go iGo 8. The system is from 2009 but the Navigation is up to date and very nice. When I connect it with bluetooth and stream music, it works very well, however when I need to use the navigation, the music just shuts off. I turned off gps sound and master volume of the GPS but it still doesn’t work. Anyone have an idea on how I can turn off GPS sound priority ?

The best any of us can probably offer you is that it’s probably in the settings somewhere, if that’s an option. Do you mean the music shuts off while nav is talking, or permanently? The latter would be odd behavior and probably would indicate that something is wrong with the unit (either by design or defect).

One option if you can’t fix it in settings would be to get a standalone bluetooth receiver and just use your phone to stream your music. Anker makes a good one that isn’t very expensive at all.

As soon as I press “Navi” it just shuts off completely, I have searched in settings but can’t find anything particularly interessting