Nausea From Working Under Cars

I’m not doubting that as a possible explanation – yet maybe those who experience it when working under cars can try the same arm movements and exertion when lying on other surfaces (bed, couch, beach).
I’ve tried and have yet to reproduce the same nausea

I have this same problem, but not only when working on cars. I’ve experienced it when working under the sick to replace a faucet and working in my crawl space wrapping insulation around water pipes. I also mentioned it to my doctor and he had no suggestions. He suggested not straining my head/neck up as that might put pressure on the carotid arteries and cause a problem.

It feels like motion sickness, which I also get, but taking dramamine does not help. The vertigo suggestion is the first one I’ve heard that has a medical explanation.

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That was my experience. I’m small but still had trouble getting into those 2x2 showers. Sorry for not reading all the responses first. Maybe someday. One thing that told me I needed glasses was laying under the car and not being able to get my head far enough away to see what I was doing. I might suggest talking to an ear, nose, and throat doc for an inner ear issue. The other thing is that you can hit a threshold with some chemicals where you are fine for years and then all of a sudden can’t tolerate them anymore. So yeah, you have to try and identify anything that may be involved.

Physicals will not reveal blood flow problems.

I wonder if some mix up nausea with anxiety, because symptoms are somewhat similar. I used to be able to spent hours under a car without giving it a second thought.

Now, at 70 I check several times to make sure jack stands are good, car can’t roll, do I have my cell phone close by, what do I look like if this thing falls on my head… etc. and I try to keep my time under a car to a minimum.

are you suggesting a (non-specific?) blood flow problem that only happens under cars or similar conditions but not other situations?

Yes a good physical will detect blood flow problems. Doctors listen for bruits in the carotid arteries and descending aorta, and check pedal pulse. Ultrasound can be ordered to check for arterial occlusion.

I have exactly the same problem, ie I feel very ill (heavy head / nausea) if I crawl under the car and look upwards. I also have this problem if I work under a sink or desk but only if I look up. It can take about two days to recover fully (if bad) and makes work under my car (something I used to do a lot) near impossible.

over the holiday weekend, I wound up reproducing the same nausea by doing more sit-up/crunches than I usually do

I normally do sets of 20 repetitions, but maybe because of the extra turkey, I did a set of 30 and BINGO!! the same nausea hit me

so nothing over my face or above me, not even arms above me doing work – just a form of over-exertion

when I looked it up, I found out that it is a type of redirection of blood flow away from the stomach that causes nausea – more significant if one has eaten within the last 90 minutes or so