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NAPA ProSelect Filters (fuel filter) for 1999 Honda CRV

My car recently started having engine hesitation (more obvious when A/C comes on) during idle. I suspect the fuel filter should be replaced. I am thinking to replace it myself. When searching parts online, I found NAPA ProSelect Filters and it is less than $10. I don’t expect the filter to last many years, 5 years will do :-). Do you think this part is good enough? My main concern is that it should not leak or cause fire or something bad like that. Also, please advice what I should pay attention when working on it. I remember I did fuel filter replacement some 20 years ago on a Civic, so I could use some advice when I attempt this again :-). I am a car repair newbie, so please be patient with me.

Thank you!

I’d use it with no reservations.

Many NAPA filters are made by Wix. Some aren’t though. I know their Gold Oil filters are.

You can’t buy a better filter then Wix.

Th fuel filter is unlikely to be involved in engine hesitation at idle.


Are you sure? I read when filter got really dirty, it affects/blocks fuel supply so it could cause engine hesitation. Why don’t you think this could be the cause? Thanks!

Also, do you have suggestions where else to look?

Little fuel needed at idle. Fuel supply issue much more likely to happen when demand is high, as when accelerating. Still, it’s a good idea to replace the filter on schedule. I have done it on my 1999 Honda a few times.

Your car may have something in the throttle body called an idle air control motor or the like. That could be the problem area. When AC compressor clutch activates electrically, an electric signal should kick up the idle air little bit, to compensate for the drag from the compressor.

It’s also possible your compressor is shot - too hard to turn.


Thank you for the explanation. The hesitation is more obvious and frequent when A/C starts. Sometimes, the A/C went on/off rapidly and I had to turn off the A/C to stop it doing that. But some other times, the A/C starts just fine. When the A/C is turned off, I occasionally felt small engine hesitations, not very noticeable but it does happen sometimes.

Btw, when the A/C runs, the cold air flows fine.

This is an old car as you might have noticed :slight_smile: so I hope to get an idea if this could be a major repair or just minor maintenance. The main reason I am still holding onto it is because it has only 120K miles.

When did you last replace plugs/wires/cap/rotor?

I think I replaced the spark plugs once at least 10 years ago. The car has a lot of original parts, including brake pads, lol.

Then I would replace plugs, wire, cap, and rotor, and I would have the valves adjusted.

I see. Do you know a rough estimate of the cost if done in the shop? Thank you!

The idle speed is too low, try cleaning the throttle body.

To keep a 1999 year model working great you need preventative maintenance. I would budget a little money and take your CRV to an independent mechanic to inspect the brakes, spark plugs, wires, AC compressor, etc. If you haven’t replaced the fuel filter yet then I would go ahead and replace it with the Napa part you stated then mention the replaced filter to the mechanic who will be inspecting your car.

Regardless how the engine is running if the fuel filter is 20 years old, or even 5 years old, change it as preventive maintenance and that NAPA filter seems to be a quality part.

As for the hesitation, like others I suspect the need for additional basic maintenance, i.e. a basic tune up including a throttle cleaning and a timing belt if still used on the 1999 model.

I agree I am lacking of basic maintenance work. I will send it to a shop to diagnosis first. The timing belt had been replaced at about 60K. Thank you.

The fuel filter probably requires replacement if it is original to the car, but I doubt that’s the cause of these symptoms. I concur w/the advice above, focus on getting all the routine engine maintenance up to date as suggested by the table in the owner’s manual. Especially the ignition system maintenance.

I know it seems like an easy job to change a fuel filter buy some of the Honda and even GM ones were so difficult that the shops had to buy a repair kit when the in-line ones had to be cut off. Call that a rumor but I would have a shop do it. Also, I pay to stay safe. Today’s gasoline seems to be more dangerous than I care to deal with. Call that rumors if you want to but it isn’t worth it to me to do the work myself.

Well, the shop said it was something broken off and fell into the throttle body. They need to get parts to fix that. Also need to clean something for the idle. They will replace spark plugs as well, total about $435, yikes! Hope it will last another year without major repair.