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NAPA " any brand, any model "coolant

This NAPA coolant is yellow/green like the stuff we used to buy for $7 (without water)…is it compatible with the pinkish red “International” stuff that I was sold for my 2000 Camry ? …Mike

The universal coolant is the only type I use now in every vehicle I service. And have never had a problem with it in any vehicle it was applied to. This also means I don’t have to keep in stock the regular green coolant, Toyota coolant, Honda coolant, Dexcool, etc…


What does the bottle say? If it says ‘any brand, any model’, then I might use it after flushing out the existing coolant with a complete change of water.

I most often did a drain-flush-fill using the new universal coolant but have topped off many vehicles mixing it with old and new coolants with no problem observed and they were contracted fleet vehicles. I would certainly recommend that a drain-flush-fill be done every 3 years and remove and inspect the hoses at that time. It is surprising how much chafing can be found beneath the hose clamps and that is where most failures begin.

I would skip the flush part, just drain both the radiator and the block, then refill with the universal.

Thanks guys…I’m due for a coolant change anyway. I kept my '90 Camry so long that I just 6 months ago found out about the new ATF and coolant…and speaking of hose clamps - I hate the Japanese clamps.