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Name the new Car Talk TV show!

I don’t have a name suggestion but I do have a suggestion for PBS. How about a show actually dealing with car repair? No offense guys, but I don’t find you funny at all. I enjoy this site a lot more than your radio show. Sorry, just being honest.

The Car Tune Show with Click and Clack.
Click and Clack’s Car Tune Show.
The Car Tune Show.

Clickety Clack
Clickety Clack, We Talk Back
Pahk The Cah (done in a Bostonian accent)
Cah Talk (continue with the accent)
Brothers in Tow
Tow Brothers (vs Two Brothers)
CarTalk Tales
CarTalk Tows
Under the Hood
Undah dah Hood
CarTalk Drive-In
Drive-In, I Dare You
CarTalk Garage
CarTalk Village
Cars? Whaas Dat?

-Part-time comedienne. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Lemony Clickit’s Adventures
Time Wasting 101
The Art of Time Wasting
Switch channels!
Car Repair–Don’t Despair
Looney Tune-Ups

How about - Click & Clack CarToon TV

Car Talk Animated
for a reason

The Shameless Nameless Show

Shameless in Boston

Our Lousy Car Talk Show

Piston Slap. Oily Daze. Phlat Tired. Misty Shifts. Double Klutzes

Yawning in Cambridge
Click and Clack Talk Cars

“The Gregarious Garage Guys.”
I know it’s long…but you have to agree, they are shamelessly extroverted.

Or, “Car, Car, Car talking here.”

Nuts and Dolts from Harvard Square

Exhaust Fumes Here
Animus Get the Best of Us
The Car Talk Show with Click and Clack

is this a connecting rod or is this something a proctologist uses
and now my brother who lives in a van down by the river
mom says you where adopted

Use “CARTune Talk”


The show won’t need a name; it will be continually pre-empted for pledge drives. So, unless you can work Andre Rieu into the cast, don’t bother!

Loose Nuts
Click & Clack: Loose Nuts
Loose Nuts Behind The Wheel

I like the first one best. Good luck. I will be looking forward to the show.

Consider looking at and listening to “Car Clackers”. It tells the whole story, is short enough to fit in the guides, and can be funny in itself. It will draw in new viewers as well as those who have enjoyed you over the years. You can also fit it in your graphics as signage over the garage bay doors. Another good one is: “Car Click-Clacks”.

I think you want something that will draw people in at a glance, as well as something that appeals to those who’ve known you over time. Something people can understand in one second, find informative, and funny. That’s you! Right?!

Send me our next action step at

Have some fun and satisfaction today,


Clickedy Clackedy Wacky Car Shaow