Title for Click and Clack PBS program


Tom & Ray want to have suggestions for the PBS Car Talk spin-off. Got any?


The first thing that occured to me was “The Simpletons” but Matt Groening might object to that, so my suggestion has to be “Unencumbered by the Thought Process.” It’s already associated with the show, all the Car Talk fans know it and understand how it is associated with the Brothers, and it could very well provide a jumping-off point for various episodes.


“Good Times at the Garage with Tom & Ray”


How about Car Sqawk or Car Balk?


How about “Stupid is as stupid does”

Or: “Don’t Drive like my Brother”

Or: “Thingamajigs and Whatchamacallits”


Nuts & bolts.


My suggestion is DON’T DO IT!!! Really, I would love to watch Car Talk on TV, but an animated sit-com? I think it is a bad idea.


It should be a live actor show with Tom and Ray playing themselves in a
“Sanford and Son” style sitcom. Messy garage, derelict employees, annoying wives,
weird dog, etc.


“The Tom & Ray Automotive Reality Show”

Too many TV car shows are little more than dressed up car ads (info-mercials). MOTOR WEEK on PBS is a joke; John Davis has never said anything bad about a car, and keeps pushing power in an era where the US is facing economic bankruptcy because of the enormous oil import deficit. The car advice by Pat Goss is laughable and signifcantly below the calibre of this website. These two fat cats do NOT BELONG ON PUBLIC TELEVISION, which, presumably has the public interest at heart!