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Name of oil to use in air conditioner compressor--urgent!

I spilled the oil from my submersible sump pump. I’ve been told a variety of solutions, i.e., what oils I can safely use to replace what I spilled.

“Must be non-conductive”;

“Compressor oil , which is 100% mineral oil”;

“Dielectric mineral oil, such as Mobil DTE Light or DTE 25”.

Where can I buy such oil…in a hurry? Does anyone have a different answer, or know that the info I’ve been given is incorrect or unsafe? Thanks.

You need to be more clear, is it an air conditioner, or a sump pump, and how exactly did you spill oil. You need to be more clear in your question for a clear answer, not expecting a reply.

It’s a sump pump…but this is a car forum. I’m seeking help HERE, because some of the info I’ve been given suggests that I could use the type of oil used in compressors.
During and following last week’s basement floodings, the pump wasn’t functioning optimally. I removed the screen on its bottom, and removed quite a bit of grit/sand. Then, regretably, I opened the pump from the top, where at least an equal amt. of sand was found. Unfortunately, the open pump tipped over, spilling some oil, so that the coil is no longer fully covered. Hence, my dilemma.
Thanks for asking for clarification. I hope you can help.

Perhaps you can buy a new sump pump? Sump pumps I’ve used were simple electric motors attached to pumps. No oil involved. Motors are sealed and pumps are simple impellers.

There should be a name of a manufacturer somewhere on the motor or pump housing, perhaps you can get some info from the mfg.

FORGET automotive A/C compressor oil. These are BELT driven and no electrical considerations. From your choices, I would recommend THIS one. "“Dielectric mineral oil, such as Mobil DTE Light or DTE 25”.

But you will not find it tonight or tomorrow…A drug store will sell you some “100% Mineral Oil” which might get you through the weekend. It might not be perfect but it will be good enough and better than nothing…

Sorry if I have said it before but you have been so helpful to so many people.

You talking to me?? If so , Thanks!


Thank you, Caddyman. I’ll get some mineral oil.
Any ideas, anybody, where one buys “dielectric mineral oil”?

Call a plumbing and/or electrician’s shop and ask if you can pick their brain. I wish I could help you, but this is out of my ballpark.

Thank you, Karl.

Go to an auto parts store and ask for refrigerant oil for an R12 system. This is 100% mineral oil.