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Name of broke black canister

Passinger fender backed into and a bleck canister located below air fliter about 5x3x8 Inches in size broke and fell out. appears to be part of the air intake system. What is it called?

I suspect that sized black canister is the charcoal canister used to temporarily house fuel vapors until they get burned off.

My humble apologies to the OP and you guys.

I don’t think I thought my answer through enough.

If the black box WAS a fuel canister, the fuel smell would warn you, correct?

Roadruner may be correct, but I’d think of the air filter cannister based on this description.

Can you post a photo?

From your description, it’s called the intake resonator. It’s whole function is to quiet the engine noise down. Lots of people remove it to save weight and because they like the slightly louder engine noise.

Look it over for a part number - or any other kind of identifying numbers. Type them into an internet search box. (A photo would also help).