Name for shops which do machining and head resurfacing

What is the search term I should put into google in order to find shops that can do milling/machining for a warped head?


Automotive machine shop.

JimFrost-Why don’t you ask Jimi Hendricks mechanic?

“Why don’t you ask Jimi Hendricks mechanic?”


looks like the Civic is getting a new head gasket?

A local business that specialized in cylinder heads was simply named “The Head Shop” until the early 1970s when the drug culture gave that a whole new meaning.

Sometimes you can’t tell what all a shop does by its name.
Ours is Automotive Industrial and Machine shop.

Our local NAPA stores have a central warehouse and machine shop, just drop off at local store and pick up in a few days. Don’t do what I did many, many years ago on my second head gasket job. ( my first one was on a flathead- no valves involved)

I gave them the heads to be cleaned and Magnafluxed, and milled straight if needed. I got all the valves, springs and rocker arms back in a box and had to hand lap all the valves and make sure the seats wern’t too wide.

Depends where you live really. There are machine shops everywhere who can easily deck a Head. I use my friends shop who specialize in high performance engine builds and machine work. But I live in the suburbs of Philly. Look for local speed shops, engine builders, or just regular machine shops.


Jimi’s mechanic went to the head shop, no kidding.

@UncleTurbo Yup, getting it done.

I’m sure I was an “early” proponent of “bad head gasket” diagnosis. It is that I’m familiar with the hope for and try any other fix as that was what I did on my own '03 Civic. The good news is that once done, you’ll have a great car for lot’s more years and miles. I hope it all works out.

I don’t know if your head is OHC or OHV. If it is OHV, then milling to flatness is not critical. If it has OHC, then the head sealing surface should not be milled more than about .004". If more is needed, then the head is warped and the cam bearings are out of alignment and your cam bearings will be damaged. If warping is excessive, then the OHC head needs to be heated and pressed back to cam bearing alignment. That is the procedure for a VW head as described in my Parts Place catalog.

If I were looking for a machine shop myself, I’d go to my favorite inde auto parts store where the staff is very car-knowledgeable and ask them what’s the best machine shop in town for that job. I wouldn’t use the yellow pages or the internet.