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How to rebuild cylinder head

I need to rebuild my cylinder head on my 83 Dodge Rampage with a 2.2 L engine. Other than reading the manual, which I will do. Is there any free articles/videos other there?

I hope you just mean removing the cylinder head to replace a head gasket. Rebuilding a cylinder head requires skill and specialized tools. Your not going to be able to resurface valves and valve seats with a Dremel tool or bench grinder!

I always send my cylinder heads to a machine shop to get them measured for flatness, resurface valves and valve seats, and shave them flat if necessary. Some aluminum heads may even need heat-pressing to get them flat again if badly warped. They have all the required tools to do the job and test their work.

Agreed. If it’s more than a head gasket job you have no idea just how much money can be tied up in head rebuilding equipment; and that does not count a surface grinder for smoothing out warped heads.

You could easily lay out 700 dollars for a set of Rite-Way seat cutters; and that’s just for cutting the seats on one head for one particular vehicle. And that doesn’t even include the valve grinding equipment which can run 3-4 times that. And there’s more.

You are correct. I mean to remove the head and then reinstall it.

How many miles on this engine??

138,000 miles

I still can’t tell which aspect of this you plan to do. As noted, you’re not going to get anywhere trying to actually rework the head yourself. So the appropriate steps are: 1) remove head; 2) deliver head to machine shop for reworking; 3) pick up head from machine shop and reinstall.