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Nail Polish While Driving Kills

I see too many people doing their nails when driving. I hope they read the following article and think twice before doing their nails again while driving…


18 months of work release for killing someone? Sorry, but that isn’t going to deter anyone. She should have gotten at least 20 years of hard time.

Even worse, this woman pleaded not guilty, even though she knew she was guilty. How does someone express remorse and claim innocence at the same time?

In a form of irony, she could get hit on her way to work by someone else being distracted, or lose her job because they don’t employ convicted felons

So she lawyered up, went to trial after pleading not guilty, and we’re supposed to believe she’s remorseful? Not.
Her only concern was avoiding any and all jail time and she’s getting off easy. At least yank her drivers license for the rest of her life.

I wonder what her reaction would be if the other party had caused her husband’s death and was allowed to skate with a sentence like this.
Parading a line of character apologists before the court would have ticked me off if I were the judge and I would have sentenced her to the maximum.

Unfortunately, according to the article, the maximum would have only been five years of prison time, a sentence that still would have left me unhappy.

Frankly, I’ll be thrilled if she has to serve the whole sentence. It’s getting more and more common for people to serve far less than their sentences, people sentenced to 20 years of hard time for murder and then getting out in 8 for “good behavior”. It should be the the other way. “Good behavior” should allow you to be released in 20! Bad behavior should extend the sentence. And first degree murderers should suffer the same fate as their victims.

Actually I’m pretty sure the nail polish had nothing to do with it. I listen to the news - “distracted driving” = on the cell phone. Yep, cell phones that’s about it.

[Sarcasm, sorry the cell phone obsession drives me crazy since we all know full well that distraction while driving comes from lots and lots of different things. Then there are all of the non-distracted drivers who are dangerous b/c they plainly don’t understand driving. I read that one in the newspaper the other day while I was driving to work…]

Here’s a sad update to this story.