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Nail on Tire but NOT flat

Last nite Driving with windows down Heard Flapping sounds on my Right side of car tire, thought was going flat. Woke up this am, tire was fine. Drove nearby had window down & could Hear Flapping sounds again. Parked my car to look at Right side Tires again. Saw a Tack like Nail stuck in between the Groove on middle of Tire. Back Right side. What would you do? Pull the Nail out & see if it goes Flat OR take to a Mechanic?? TIA. Facts, car has about 11,000 miles. Honda accord 2019.

Simple , just go to a tire shop where they will remove nail and patch at the same time . If you pull the nail and tire goes flat do you really want to change the tire in this heat wave ?


Yeah take it to the tire shop and have it pulled. Maybe it didn’t go through the tire.

On my VW way back, I drove home for lunch with a ten penney nail stuck in the side wall. It wasn’t flat because the nail sealed the hole but the tire was shot. Changed the tire before going back to work. Also had a small nail in my trailer tire for I guess several years. It would lose maybe ten pounds a year or so until I finally looked closer and found the nail. It was time for new tires anyway and almost as cheap as a repair.

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Pull into the tire store parking lot, remove the nail, and put some spit (or soapy water) where the nail was. If no bubbles form, carry on. If bubbles form, the tire needs repaired. Good news, you’re already at the tire store!


As a follow on to @Scrapyard_John’s excellent suggestions, put some soapy water in a little plastic bottle. Take it with you and pour it on the spot where the nail is, then pull the nail out and look for bubbles. Add more soapy water if you need to. The spot is marked with the first application of soapy water. You may need pliers and a flat blade screwdriver to get the nail out.

Do not do that my thought, it could go so fast you will be stranded with a flat. Take it to a shop!

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A shop will want the nail in there to determine if it has gone through the tire, not to mention locating the small hole. 30 minutes tops and $20 for them to take the wheel off, unmount the tire and repair if necessary.


Half the tire shops around here will do it for free, hoping to earn a customer next time you need tires.

Today in Northern NJ, the high temp will be 86-88 degrees, with very high humidity.

If you remove the nail in the tire store parking lot, you shouldn’t be stranded…

If it’s not leaking after the nail is removed, there’s nothing to repair…

Ah well, I’ve done what I mentioned myself in the past. I’ve got a little experience with nails in tires. Occupational hazard.

Now the dash board says “Tire Pressure Low”-- so i took it to a Shop this am & they Patched the hole. Fixed. Thanks to all for suggestions.


In the Bronx, as well as this place on 9th ave and 45h, they will seal the tire properly. $10
Seriously, let the pros do it
$10 vs a new tire

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Kama he had the tire fixed 6 days ago.