I will agree that Corporations are people as soon as a corporation is sent to prison for wrongdoing.

How many people from Ford were sent to prison for the deaths in the Ford Pinto?? They KNEW there was a problem with the gas tanks…and they KNEW people might die (they even said so in their internal documents)…yet the knowingly sold the Pinto anyways saying that they’d loose more money fixing the problem then defending lawsuits. But not CRIMINAL action was brought against Ford. If they truly were people…then there would be accountability and they could be criminally charged.

Didnt F Lee Bailey get GM off the hook on the rupturing gas tanks on certain model GM trucks? As I recall the fix consisted of a credit voucher for X amount of dollars on a new truck-Kevin (money talks)

Is that why when I hear about the trickle down effect as justification for tax cuts for the wealthy I feel like I am a sock on an incontinent person?

Yeah Barky, I’ve worked for a few people that seemed to like to let it slide all over me.

I remember getting stuck in Montreal in the early 80s in a cold snap (-37 C). Our car, along with many others around the city wouldn’t start. In the many conversations we had for those two days, I was surprised how often I heard people say pouring a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the tank was a common technique for avoiding gas line freezing.