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Ethanol Corrosion

I think my 83 year old mother has been ripped off. She took her mid '90s Monte Carlo in for an oil change and they talked her into a $700 fix for to the fuel system. They told her that the 10% ethanol blended gas had corroded the fuel line. Any thoughts?

Well, there’s nothing saying that she didn’t have corroded fuel lines, but the idea that it was from E10 is pretty much impossible.

What was the “fix”, dare I ask? It really does sound like she got taken. :frowning:

E10 isn’t going to cause corrosion in the fuel line. If however, she’s been using E85 by mistake, well, that’s a different story.


I’m skeptical, too. I have a 1998 Regal and haven’t has such problems.

Sounds like some bottom-feeder mechanics. Are you in the same area? I’d go after the manager, and, if it’s a chain, report it to corporate. Maybe call some tv stations! Any way you could take over the car care?

If I’m not being clear: Until PROVEN otherwise, I think your mother was the victim of a crime, one that many oil change places commit, and some have been caught at in southern California. Was this a quicky change place?

Was the corrosion external, caused by road salt?? Was the fuel line leaking? Replacing it is more like $200, tops. What, exactly, did they do for $700??

Hech! Why fool around? Call the police and report it. They have investigators for this kind of stuff.

Thanks for everyone’s input. You’re all saying what I expected. I’ll get the invoice from her and follow up.

Yep. C&C deal with a similar situation here:

Not where I live. The police will do NOTHING. It’s a civil matter. The attorney general may help…but the local police…no way.