Mystery van missing anti-lock brakes

Recently, the warning lights for the brakes and ABS, and the traction control off indicator in my 2002 Dodge Caravan came on. I brought my car in to the mechanic who discovered there were no anti-lock brakes or traction control in my vehicle. They told me that according to their information anti-lock brakes were standard on 2002 Caravans and it was very strange to have the warning lights wired for something that doesn’t exist. I’m continuing to drive with all these warning lights on. They said it would be a waste of time and money to figure out what is causing it. The mechanic now calls my car the mystery van, and I’m wondering, did the manufacturer “forget” to install the anti-lock brakes? And why would I have an indicator for traction control if my vehicle is not equipped with that? Anyone out there heard of this before?

Air Conditioner Cut Out

I owned a Dodge once that came from the factory with no air conditioning. Whenever I pulled codes from it I always got one for the A/C cut-out. It never set a light, though.