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Ford Ranger 2003

Gentlemen, I own a Ford Ranger 2003, 5spd 6 cyl. My problem is when I’m driving and the engine is revving above 3000 rom’s. It begins to sputter and buck as if the engine is running out of gas. It only lasts a few seconds. It ends as quickly as it starts. It does not occur each time when driving above 3000 rpms. My mechanic took the truck for a test ride and of course he could not find anything wrong. His advise was to wait until it got worse. I would rather solve the problem now. It is difficult and dangerous when trying to pass vehicles on the road. Any suggestions? Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?

If you can’t remember or don’t know, that’s where I’d start.


Perhaps the mechanic should perform a thorough fuel pressure test.

Maybe even drive with the gauge hooked up where he can see it from inside the truck?

Weak fuel pump?

Bad fuel pressure regulator?

Bad TPS?