Mystery Motoring Malady - A serious Problem

You should know that she is highly sensitive to many stimuli. For

example, she has hyperacusis (very sensitive hearing), is a super-smeller, and is affected by

changes in barometric pressure (“It will rain in the next few


We also own an Audi All-Road wagon and have previously owned all

sorts of wagons and sedans, and this has never happened to her

before. This is the first hybrid we have owned, however. She

refuses to ride in the car anymore.

Being a typically sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful husband, I

am considering selling the car and buying something else.

But, I am hoping that you may have come across similar situations and

have an explanation that might lead to a remedy. Is it possible, for

example, that due to the large battery and extensive electronic

mechanisms, there is an EMF that might affect her autonomic nervous

system? Could it be the high pitched whine from the engine that

might just have a different frequency pattern from any other car and

have a major effect?

I look forward to your diagnosis but please make it quick. I am

agonizing on whether to keep the car or the wife.