Mystery front end/tire sound

I have a 2002 Mazda 626.

Last February I had two new tires put on my front end and the wheels aligned. While driving home I heard there was a very slight whum whum sound that sped up as I sped up, etc. I figured it was the new tires breaking in.

Fast forward a year the sound is now a very very loud Wump Wump Wump that causes the whole car to shake like I have a square tire.

Was going to drive it to a family mechanic two states away to save some money, but the break now bounces a bit so, worried about driving so far with all this going wrong with the car, I turned around and stayed home.

I am told it could be the bearing in the wheel, but I jacked up both sides of the car and could not budge the tire when I tried to wiggle either front tire. It also does not grind. Does this rule out the wheel bearing?

When going down a hill, the sound/shaking is much louder. When turning right downhill, the sound is especially loud, but it also gets louder when turning left, just not as much.

The sound is very similar to the Warped Disk Rotor sound here: http://www…heels.html

Just looking for some ideas as to what it may be before I bring it to a local mechanic.

Is there some reason you don’t think it’s the obvious? A Warped Disk Rotor!

Well, because until about 10 minutes ago I didn’t know that it was even a possiblity except for some random sounds recorded by Click and Clack.

Not everything is obvious to us non-car people. If it was so obvious, I wouldn’t be here right now…

Would a warped disk rotor have these same diagnostic issues?

This happens at all speeds, accelerating, braking, everything. Would the disk rotors only vibrate during braking?