Loud Tire Noise on 2002 Mazda 626

I recently purchased new tires and rims for my Mazda 626 thinking it would get rid ot the loud tire noise (2 rims were bent). However, the noise still exists. I cannot seem top pin point the source of the noise but, it increases with speed.

How and when did the rims get damaged?
Did the noise start at the same time as the damage?
Which two tyres did you replace? (right front left rear?)?
Were they the same that were on the rims when they were damaged?
Did anyone inspect the car for damage other than the rims?
What condition are the two remaining tyres?
What is the total miles on your car?

you may have a bad wheel bearing. go to a local independent repair shop for an opinion / diagnostic

What Happens To The Noise When You Round Fairly Sharp Curves Or Steer Positively, To the Right And To The Left ? Is The Noise Level Decreased While Turning ? One Direction ?

This could help point the finger at a wheel bearing that is failing.


I replaced all 4 tires and rims. The old rims and tires were discarded. The noise stays the same when turning either to the right or left. I do not hear the noise at a very slow speed.

No other inspections were done to the car. the car has almost 100,000 miles on it.

It’s time to get it up on a rack. And on an alignment machine. It’s entirely possible that worn/dried/shrunken/cracked bushings are allowing more vibration to propogate into the passenger cabin than the designers intended. It’s also possible that an out of alignment condition or a damaged part is preventing the tires from rolling properly.

Can you better describe the noise?
Is it a constant hum, or an oscillating noise? Worn out struts can manifest themselves as an oscillating hum.