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Mystery Electrical Problem!

Hello! I have a 1990 toyota corrola which has a mystery start up problem.

It has a new alternator, starter, and battery. One of the fuses seems slightly corroded.

Every now and then it stops starting. The battery can turn on the lights, but it doesn’t have enough power to start the engine.

It has had to be jumped twice now, and both times the first jump didn’t work, but the second jump did work.

The other 2-3 times it has not started. We just left it alone for a night, and it started up again in the morning.

We went to get a sears battery check, and they said that the battery was fine.

What’s going on?!!



Check the connections at BOTH ends of both battery cables. They all have to be clean and tight.

If the ground connection to the chassis, or the positive connection at the starter, is corroded or loose you can get the symptoms you describe.

I would also pull the corroded fuse and clean up the connections to it.

The problem could be in your starter, it might be a defective sample. It’s referred to as a “flat spot”. This will allow the starter to work OK one time , and the next it won’t work at all. Our Nissan had this recently and ended up needeing a rebuilt starter.

It’s worth your while to have the starter checked out.

Connections as mcparadise says, belt, charging system including voltage regulator are also conditions to check.

thanks for the help!

Look for the cable or strap that grounds the engine to the fender and disconnect and clean the ends. If the insulation on the negative battery cable is cracked all over, or damaged, change it.