Mysteries short

99 Saturn sl1 3 weeks ago backed out of driveway went from reverse to drive and car died out and wouldnt restart (no crank) but still had power to dashlights headlights ect car sat 2 days and restarted out of nowhere with no work done… today went to start car heard shorting out sound and now now no power to whole car

Look at the big cables that attach to your battery. If they look really filthy or have white corrosion growing on them you might have a bad connection. They can actually look pretty good and still have a bad connection. They should be marked in the battery case itself with a + and a -, or POS and NEG. If you can, put on a glove like you might use to clean up something a dog left behind, then grab the cable that goes to the POS or + and give it a good shake. Then try the key again. If it starts go straight to a local mechanic and have them clean the terminals.