My volvo's gone disorderly

so i woke up this morning, everything’s fine. but then i turn on my car. everything seems fine, however; my speedometer doesn’t work my gas gauge is unresponsive until about a minute after the car is on, and the thermostat is turning on and off. oh and my service light is flashing at me constantly. so anyone out there have any ideas about what might be the problem? the car runs fine other than that stuff

You haven’t told us the year, model, or mileage of your Volvo. That makes it much more difficult to figure out what might be wrong.

The thermostat is inside the engine. It doesn’t turn on and off. Are you referring to the temperature gauge on the dashboard, or to the climate control system?

I suggest you call your local Volvo dealer, or your independent Volvo mechanic, and have the car checked. When the service light flashes, it means you need service NOW.

Yes, and have it towed! That flashing light is screaming a message at you. Have the message read.

If you do not, it won’t run “fine” much longer. I guarantee it.