My Upset Commuter Car

Is it normal for a Hyundai Elantra 2000 GLS (largest engine) withe 230,000 miles to use more oil then when new?

Is it normal for a car to get upset and sound like it ate a leaf rake when at the Auto Parts Store and an underpaid employee is looking @ carcar like it’s a loser?

This noise is only at idle and disappears when I get going and definitely disappears when I crank up the radio!

Am I just a poor scared commuter who shouldn’t worry about losing a days’ pay due to breakdown or is it possible somethings getting ready to go clunk!

Using more oil now than when new is normal for any vehicle. How much are you using? Adding as much as a quart between oil changes is nothing to get excited about on a car with 230k. Was the oil use change sudden? More info would help. Since the noise is at idle, open the hood and listen. Walk around the vehicle and listen. Where is noise coming from and what does it sound like? Is it constant or intermittent? Is there smoke? Does engine cut out when you press the gas, etc. What is the one thing that has changed on the car that makes you concerned. Come back and give these questions your best shot. There are lots of talented people here who can help, but need more info.

Good grief that thing could have made it almost to the moon!wouldnt be concerned if she uses a bit more oil now.If you keep it topped off its still fairly reliable-Kevin

If Your Exhast System Isn’t Totally Rusted (You Don’t Want To Break It), I’d Give The Tail Pipe A Couple Of Gentle Kicks With My Shoe (Engine Off) And See If You Get A Rattle.

Get it jiggling side-to-side. Ordinarily, it shouldn’t make any noise.

You could have a loose heat shield or something broken loose in the exhasust system. It could sound terrible and not be a big problem unless the catalytic converter is breaking up, etcetera.

About that oil consumption. That’s not bad for 230,000 miles, but keep a closer check on the oil level as the car continues to age. Do you park on clean pavement and check for leaks under the engine? That’s always a good idea.