My Subaru needs a new motor

I have a 1992 Subaru Loyale which has always leaked oil since I bought it two years ago but has recently started dumping oil to the tune of 2-3 quarts every other day. I want to replace the motor since it is in great shape and has a new alternator, water pump, and tires but others tell me that I should just buy a new car. I just do not want to buy a used car that has problems that I do not know about and end up spending more money than it would have cost to put a new motor in my Suby. Help.

Its leaking 2-3 quarts? Sounds like you can most likely just get the gaskets replaced from wher its leaking rather than to buy a new motor.

The number of places from which a Subaru engine can leak oil is amazing. Perhaps you don’t need a new engine, you just need to have the leaks fixed. I suggest you find someone in your area who specializes in Subarus, and ask them to check your engine.

This may be less severe than you think. If you do need a “new” engine, perhaps yours can be rebuilt, or you can purchase a rebuilt engine and have it installed.

Whether or not you should consider another car depends more on the condition of the body and drive train than the engine.

Where is the oil going, and when?

  • Check the drain plug first. An oil change may have stripped the threads.

  • Check the oil filter second. It might be loose, have a hole, or have a bad gasket.

  • Is it on your garage floor? Check the drain plug, oil filter, pan gasket, and crankshaft seals.

  • Is there oil in the coolant? Head or intake gasket.

  • Is it blowing out the oil cap or dipstick tube? If so your PCV valve is shot.

  • Are you leaving an oil trail on the road? Check the crankshaft seals.

  • Does oil suddenly reappear? The valve return lines are plugged, and the oil is filling the valve covers.

  • Is there blue smoke from the exhaust? Check the rings, valve seals, and head gasket. (Rings are often the reason to change engines or cars.)

  • Is there white smoke under the hood? Check the valve cover gaskets.

Hopefully you did not spend much purchasing or repairing this car. If its going to cost more than $500 to fix move on its not worth it. You bought a worn out car.

If you do look for another car please take it to your trusted mechanic(ask friends/family if need one) for a comprehensive check over.

That amount of oil loss is hugh. Check the PCV valve for a problem and replace it. If the oil is leaking out externally it should be obvious where it is coming from.

You should be able to get a used Japanese engine fairly cheap and have it put in. If you want to go first class check out CCR engines. They are known for excellent service and quality rebuilds. Here is a link to them.