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93 Subaru Justy

ok cannot figure what is wrong with my subaru. It only starts up every once in awhile and it won’t stay on. I can press the gas pedal all the way in and get no rev it just sputters awhile then dies. power was significantly decreased before she stopped running completely. I’ve replaced spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, distibuter cap and rotor. there is a significant oil leak that is covering alot of the engine. so my question is, is there anything else I can try to fix? does anyone have an idea? thanks for your time!

How is the fuel pressure, and is the pump delivering adequate GPM? Did this car still have a carburetter? Maybe it needs to be rebuilt. It has been 15 years, and a lot of sitting. There are lots of stuff you havn’t even touched yet. This is the 3-cyl. 1.2L engine, right? EFI or Carb?

Start by checking your fuel pump pressure. It sounds like poor fuel supply.

That oil leak is coming from your valve cover gasket, and this is really easy to replace on these. Get a valvecover gasket kit WITH the grommets that go under the bolts. You’ll need to replace both because the bolts are shoulder bolts, and the grommets under them help create the proper compression of the gasket. These grommets take a “set” also. And do not over torque the shoulder bolts. They’ll stop dead when they reach the shoulders. Attempts to overtighten them will break them.

The leak may be exascerbated by a plugged PCV valve. Again, this is cheap and easy to replace.

it’s fuel injected and yes it’s a 3-cyl 1.2L (gotta love that gas saver of an engine). How do I check the fuel pressure and the pump?

I already replaced the valve cover gasket (sorry forgot to mention that) so the leak has gotta be below it. I think you’re right, it’s probably the fuel supply. I just don’t know how to check that.

thanks guys for the help! really appreciate it

There are numerous oil leak sources on the Justy engine. Besides the valve cover gasket, others include head gasket(externally, not internally, thankfully), o-ring and gasket on distributor shaft, oil pump cover, oil pan gasket, and crankshaft and camshaft seals. I know, I have a '94 EFI model. Not sure about your engine dying, I’ve never had that problem…but does sound like fuel delivery to me.

The best way to check fuel pump pressure is to simply “T” in a fitting at the fuel supply line to the engine and a seperate pressure gage.

My first thought was the valvecover gasket because that’s so common on those…and that’ll make a mess all over the engine including leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

Oh well. Perhaps the PCV valve is stuck?

By the way, I happen to like Justys. I think they’re cool little econocars. No frills, no pretense, but fun to putt around in.