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My Second Gear Start modification had gotten a workout

Last spring I modified my Pontiac Bonneville for second gear start for winter driving. The problem then was that, by the time it was finished, the last winter weather had ended in my area. So I had to wait for the real trials.

Now I am very glad I did do this. The Polar Vortex sent winter storm after winter storm into my area. This device has changed my car from being skittish at every snowstorm to a car that is very useful in this weather. It works as well on this car as it did on my older cars.

The biggest trouble is that sometimes I forget to turn off the factory supplied traction control switch. It turns itself back on each time I start the car.

I had trouble only two times. Both times I was going uphill in ice, and the car suddenly stopped and would not go. Both times, I had forgotten to turn off the traction control after restarting the engine after a stop. The traction control had locked the brakes. Turning off the traction control restored control.

I’ve lived in many areas of the country where there was a lot of snow and ice in the winter. I never had any problem getting from point A to point B as I’m my own “traction control” while driving. I consider gadgets as superfluous where vehicles are concerned.

Yeah me too. The old egg between your foot and gas pedal illustration has always done me good. Usually if the traction control goes on, I just let up a little to disengage it again. Might want to just join the ten page on-going discussion of winter driving with studded winter tires, AWD and 4WD, and who knows how to drive and who doesn’t. You’ll really get them going with 2nd gear start.

Glad it worked for you, 2nd gear in my experience can be better than first also, in slick conditions.


I hope he does post the second gear start idea in the other thread, its getting stale.

Its interesting some vehicles will start in second gear and some will not. I remember a v-6 camaro that had a factory switch for second gear start.

I usually turn off my traction control too. It doesn’t help as much as just taking off slowly and just puts wear n’ tear on the ABS. And on dry pavement it annoys me when I want to spin the tires :stuck_out_tongue:

my 65 chevy had a powerglide. same setup. since the glide has 2-3 gear ratio it worked about the same. posi helped too. car never got stuck in snow