My Safelite experience

Recently, while driving on I-287, a rock hit my windshield with such force that it really startled me. Luckily, it only created a small asterisk-type mark just above the driver side wiper. So, I made a mental note to check whether my car’s Comprehensive insurance covered windshield repairs. And, I also planned to phone Safelite.

The next morning, when I went into my garage, I found that the asterisk had expanded to a crack of about 9 or 10 inches, probably as a result of temperature changes overnight. So, I phoned my insurance company and after the robo device confirmed that I would only have to pay the deductible on my Comprehensive coverage, it automatically transferred me to Safelite–with whom they obviously have a working relationship.

The Safelite agent informed me that their closest shop was fully-booked for more than one week, and he offered to have the repairs done at my home. So, I agreed, and we booked a mutually-agreeable date & time, two days hence, but he did mention that a prediction of rain would likely result in having to reschedule my appt.

As luck would have it, rain was forecast, so my appt was moved to yesterday. Their repair guy phoned me when he was about 20 minutes away, he arrived within the time window that had been established, and he proved to be amiable and–even more important–to know what he was doing.

Although I had been told over the phone that the repair could take up to 2 hours, their technician completed it in 45 minutes, and that included taking care of the electrical connections for both my wiper heaters and my auto-dimming mirror with integral compass readout.

I was told that I should not drive for 1 hour (I allowed two hours before driving), and that I should not take the car through a carwash for 48 hours.

The windshield has the correct visor frits, and has no distortions, so it appears that they used a decent-quality replacement. And, the written warranty states that there is a lifetime warranty against leaks.

So, I was impressed by how well the tech had been trained, and also by the materials that were used. Obviously, some techs will be better than others, but I seem to have lucked-out with a good one.

Based on my experience, I can recommend Safelite.



We’ve had two windshields replaced by them at their shop and didn’t have to pay anything the first time and just the $50 deductible the second time. The offered to waive the deductible if I would bring it in for the first one. They had to do the second one in their shop because of the forward sensor in the collision mitigation braking system on the windshield. They can only calibrate it in their shop. Good work both times and I’d use them again if I had to.

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Just to expand on the info, I was told beforehand that the tech needed 5 feet of clearance on both sides of the vehicle, as well as in front. That eliminated my garage as the site of the repairs, so I wound-up parking partially on my driveway, and partially on my lawn. The grass is already dead from the drought, so that gave me more flexibility with placement of the car.

And you even live east of the Mississippi River.

While I wouldn’t trade places with the folks in the Western states who are experiencing severe and dangerous drought conditions, here in the Mid-Atlantic region it has been unusually dry for the past couple of months. This evening, we are predicted to get a real gully-washer, so at least I won’t have to water the vegetable garden tomorrow.

I have had 5 windshields replaced by Safelite. 4 for cracks and one because the windshield was sandblasted from use that sometimes I could barely see through.

All turned out essentially perfect on cars I still own (the Mustang) or used to own. No leaks, no issues. The one that took the longest was the Mustang. We used the middle of a 2 car garage for that one. The tech was happy being in the shade.

I just use a local glass company unaffiliated with anyone that I know of. Insurance covered everything with no deductible. Once in cold weather I had two cars done at the same time in my garage. Not always cracked glass but sand blasted causing some difficulty in the sun. They want me to be able to see and a windshield is a small price to pay.

I should add that Safelite’s phone agent said…
You are under no obligation to use us, and under NJ State Law, I am required to give you the names of other auto glass companies that your insurance company works with.

I told him not to bother with that list because I had intended to use his company all along.

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Our experience with Safelite coming to our home to replace the windshield was just as good .

Safelite worked on 2 of my cars, very happy with their work. On the second repair (both @ my home) the tech left me a can of their spray cleaner. Awesome stuff to clean the windshield. Zep makes a spray that is similar.

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I should also add my reasons for not wanting the names of other participating glass shops in the area:

The one closest to my house replaced a friend’s windshield, and it turned out to have pretty bad distortions in it. The shop was uncooperative when he complained, as was his insurance company–which he subsequently dropped.

The only other glass shop anywhere near me is in a dodgy neighborhood, which I would prefer to avoid.

My truck’s windshield is needing replacement, thinking about using that sort of service. But wondering if they use the oem install method, Ford-compatible rubber windshield molding to hold it in place. Or do they use a bunch of glop and glue it instead? I prefer they use the rubber molding spec’d for the truck.

I imagine if you call them they can give you the answer .

when they did my truck, they just use the same rubber molding from the truck.

Do you mean they re-used the same molding?

yes the same rubber molding. there was nothing wrong with it.

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How old was your molding? Mine is 40-45 years.

but from what I have heard, they will replace it if it is damaged.

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I only had the truck for a few years. so, it probably was replaced before.

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