My old Volvo

I have a few questions about my 1987 240 DL volvo. First, it’s been making a funny, whiny, rattling noise (mostly centered in the dashboard area) whenever it get’s too cold outside. I know that taking apart a dashboard on an old volvo is really hard, but it the noise worth the effort? So far I’ve noticed no problems with how the car runs.

Second, there is a small button on the left side of the gear changer, when a press it a lighted forward arrow appears under my speedometer. What is this button for?


Is the noise related to the heater fan speed?

I think (but don’t know) that the small button is to engage the overdrive gear on your transmission. When you’re driving at, say, 60 mph on the freeway, does the engine speed change when you press the button? Do you have a manual or automatic transmission?

The noise comes on whether I have the fan turned on or not. But it’s almost always when I first turn the car on and stops once the engine has warmed up.

I have automatic transmission. And have yet to press the button while going very fast, I was afraid of hurting the car.

You might want to see if your car contains an owners manual.
If it does, please read it.
You will learn all about that button.


The button activates the transmission overdrive. It is meant to be used when you are going 55+. You should see the tach slow dowm which means you are in overdrive and getting better mileage. If you need more passing power, drop out of overdrive.
overdrive = lower engine speed = better gas mileage.