Car ignition messed up

I have a 2005 volvo v50 T5, I decided to clean the passenger side fuse box with electronic cleaner, I let it dry for about an hour and I forgot to hook the wires back into it before I turned the car on. There was a loud clicking clicking from the fuse box and my key would not turn to the off position so I had to disconnect the battery in order to shut the car off. Now my key will not go all the way into the ignition and it will not go into the off position, it stops right before it. I can still turn the key to the right but the only thing that powers up is the ceiling lights. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
I found a video on youtube that shows the exact issue im having, hopefully someone can tell me how to fix this.

I suggest having it towed to a dealer. It’s possible there’s a reset of some kind they can perform. If not, they’ll probably know how to fix it.

You may have blown some fuses, one of them being for the gear shift interlock, that is why the ignition won’t rotate to the lock position.

I see, ill check the fuses, thanks.

I know this doesn’t help you but this situation just proves the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


haha, yeah that is definitely a true saying, however it was broke…I think. I bought it from a private seller and the only that should of been wrong with it was the battery and the steering angle sensor needed to be calibrated…well, turns out the car would not crank so I jumped the starter engine relay and it worked fine…so I thought it may of been something to do with fuses, thus I wanted to clean them…now I broke it even further lol.