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My mobile guardian

I had a mymobileguardian GPS anti-theft device (similar to Lojack) installed back in 2004. I’ve noticed lately that there seems to be a larger drain on my battery, plus it appears that the company’s website is down and they may be out of business.
Does anyone with one of these systems know what happened to the company? Are they out of business? Did someone else take over the service?
If so what can I do with the unit?

How old is the car battery???

That could be the problem.

A brief and lazy googling indicates that the company either switched to a digital signal or went out of business. Either way, what is happening is that the box in your car is trying to connect and cannot and thus it keeps trying. This drains the battery much more quickly because the device is always on and always transmitting.

Lovely…gee thanks Guardian Guys

I am having the same problem and the company is not solving the issue. Here is their phone number 1-800-960-5277. I have been talking to Philip who is not helpful so far.I got no email stating the were switching to digital from analog and basically ending the service. Their new company name is Southwest Dealer Services. Call and bother them I plan on pestering them to they solve my problem or get a court order.

AndyB…I know you are upset but a lawsuit will probably cost you more money than the system is worth. These GPS/Remote Starter/Security System companies open and close all the time. Most of them never work very well. Stay with a name brand GPS. Using an off brand company usually results in “you get what you pay for.”

I suggest you consider OnStar if you want a GPS vehicle locator. We have it in two of our cars. One was stolen and back in our hands within one hour. We may never have gotten he car back if we had to depend on the local police to locate it. You need the rear view mirror, antenna, and installation. The street price is $375 including installation, but I’ve seen it on sale for $100 (you install). Here’s a review:

I got them to remove it free of charge after calling them a lot. I had no plan on a lawsuit, I just wanted them to do something. They also didn’t go out of business. I just thought it would’ve been more of a reputable company since it was offered out of a Subaru dealership.

Oh and when it worked , it worked great.

So I know I’m late to the party but my pilot has mobile guardian and its killing my battery. Trying to find someone to remove it. Any help would be appreciated.

Any vehicle alarm shop can disable that thing .

Thanks. I’ll look for an alarm dealer.