My manual car won't start unless i step on the gas



Recently my car won’t start when I hold down the clutch-it sputters and stalls out. I have to give it a little gas and then it starts right up. This only happens when the car has been sitting overnight and it doesn’t happen every time. Whats going on?


What year is this Celica? Do you know if it is fuel injected or carburated?

Help us help you.


1995 Toyota Celica GT, fuel injected


Sounds like an Idle Air Control valve problem or possibly a loss of residual fuel pressure while the car is parked.
(All fuel injection systems are designed to maintain pressure in the fuel lines while the engine is at rest. This allows an instant start. If pressure is being lost through something like a fuel pump check valve then it will be hard to start or run erratically at first due to air being burped out of the fuel lines.)

Either one of those mentioned can be erratic in nature.


thank you for your help!