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'87 Celica GTS Fuel starvation when starting hot

I have trouble starting my '87 Celica GTS when it’s been sitting ten minutes in a parking lot. I live in Tucson, and this seems to happen only on very hot days, not cool or nights or otherwise. If the car has been sitting for longer, like an hour (after driving), it always starts fine. In the problem, it cranks and feels like it wants to start, and finally does, but feels like it needs more gas. Pressing on the accelerator more than a little will kill it until it gets going.

I replaced the cold start switch ten years ago, when it had the opposite problem… on cold mornings, trying to start it was a hassle and felt again like fuel starvation.

Is there a “hot start switch?” or something similar that gives a squirt of gas when the engine is hot and trying to start?

Thanks for any ideas or assistance.

If the gas you use contains ethanol, vapor lock could be occuring on a hot shut-down. To find out, the next time you know you’ll have this starting problem, open the hood and leave it open so the engine heat can escape. If the engine starts with no problem when doing this, then it’s probably a vapor lock problem.


I also read on another forum that a fuel filter in need of replacement can also exhibit the hot start problems that I have. I’ll have to try your suggestion and replace the filter as well. Thanks for replying.