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My jimmy dies in hot weather

My 93 gmc jimmy runs great as long as the weather stays below 60. As the weather warms up she dies more andmore often once she is warmed up. there is no warning, no funny noise nothing. She just quits. It is not the O2 Sensor as I changed it and problem persists. I have been told itmight be the catalytic converter plugging up as it heats but I really am not sure what the cause of the probmlem is. Any help is ggreatly appreciated.

The next time the engine dies, check for spark. This can be done by removing a plug wire from one of the plugs and inserting spare plug into the wire and laying the plug on the engine. Now have someone crank the engine over and see if there’s a bright blue spark at the end of the plug. If not, suspect the ignition module.


Better get you “Jimmy” to a hospital, quick. :wink: