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My Jeep won't steer

I can’t steer my 1994 Jeep. There is just a little movement in the steering wheel. What is the problem?

Based on that description I don’t know that anyone could tell you what the problem is. How much movement is “a little”? Is it just the case that the steering wheel is remaining locked? I.e. sit in the car without it running and try to turn the wheel - it should move very little and feel like it is locked in place. Is that the same thing you get when the car is running? If so, then there is some problem with that lock and someone will need to get into the steering column.

If it isn’t just that then you have a serious problem with the steering rack and/or linkages. Have it towed to a decent mechanic.

With the engine on, and the car in gear, the steering wheel can be moved “a little” left or right, but definitely not enough to be driveable.

As AA said, it sounds like the steering wheel lock has jammed.


With the engine on, and the car in gear, the steering wheel can be moved “a little” left or right[/i]

Right - now compare that to the steering wheel movement with car in park and turned off. Is it the same when it is off and in park?

Does it feel like it hits a hard stop when turned to the right or left or is it just super hard to rotate the steering wheel? Trying to differentiate between the steering wheel lock engagement or a complete loss of power steering…

Is there little-no movement or is it just really hard to turn? Also when the car is in motion does it seem to loosen up some.

What I am getting at is your power steering. Make sure you have fluid in it first. Check the hydrolic lines and make sure the belt running to the pump is OK.

This is just a shot in the other direction. If you are a petite person you might think that you can’t turn the wheel. If you are a linebacker, well disregard my post.

I recomend a TECH,he can live the action taking place.and fix it. take it to a DEALER they have the training to find out what is wrong within an hour ,and not learn on you’re car. for three hours. just a sugg.