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My "iffy lube" experience, probably not so unique

Took my truck in for an oil change, these people know me and know that is all I want. First clue that things were not going to go smooth was all the employees were “new to me”.

I stopped the “salesman” short and said “just and oil and filter change with a tire pressure check”. The guy launched into how he was bound by company regulations to check all the items on the list. I told him “just do like I ask and don’t tough the diff.drain plug”. This really set the guy off and in order to calm things down I offered to sign off that I would not come back claiming things were not checked. This salesman reluctantly went to work but he did end up “putting it too me” as the price on the oil change was only for 5 quarts and my 4.2 holds 6. I paid 5.00 for that last quart.

Why do you of all people take your car there? Was it an experiment?

Like I said ,they have treated me well. I was not looking for an overhaul. This is the post with “touch” spelled incoirrectly.

I think you mean ‘HAD’ not ‘HAVE’. All new faces means this is not the shop your accustomed to, and you’ll be hard pressed to find that same service your used to in another Jiffy-Lube. Time to find a new shop.

I did the same thing this year after my favorite parts store changed all the personnel, including the manager. The former guys knew me, but these guys are a hassle to deal with. Couple that with the obvious drop in parts quality, and I’m never going back. Too many other shops out there, and the guys at Autozone are easier to deal with.

Yet you misspelled “to” both times. Please no third post. Don’t sweat the petty stuff. A well-designed board would allow you to edit your original post.

If (when) it gets to the point I just can’t stand changing my own oil anymore I’ll pay my local independent mechanic to do it for me, but I think I’ll still be able to crawl under my cars for a few more years.

Why do you want to put up with the “iffy lube” hassle? If the whole crew is new it’s a HUGE red flag.

So, are you going back?

No I do not think I am going back.

Better you had walked out when you were getting the ol’ one-two. That would have made the better statement.

The oil change went well, it was just the “hard sell” and 5.00 for the last quart. The plug is tight,the oil filter is not leaking, I was not expecting the delivery of a newer truck when they got done.I experienced a bit of aggravation and paid a couple of bucks too much for oil, it was enough to make me go elsewhere in the future but not go on a “anti-iffy Lube” crusade.

The $5 for the last quart is par for the course in my experience. A while back when it was snowing and pretty cold out I decided to let a quicky lube place do an oil change on my car along with a tire rotation since I didn’t feeling like mucking about in the snow trying to rotate the tires. My car holds 6 quarts of oil of course the price for the oil change they posted only includes 5 quarts. They charged me $7.50 for a the last quart, it was synthetic though, but still well above the prevailing going rate for quart of Pennzoil Platinum. They did give me a $3 credit for bringing my own oil filter ( I don’t trust the cheap white box filters most of these places use)