My Husband's car stinks!

My husband drives a PT Cruiser. Every time I open the door I am hit with a smell not unlike one emitted from a dairy barn. It seems to be smelliest near the dash and is worse when the car is sitting in the sun. It is deffinately coming from some interior material and is not caused by a dead animal or it’s products. My husband has lost his sense of smell so it doesn’t bother him, but it makes me sick and embarassed if we have to drive someone somewhere. Does anyone else experienced this???

Nope. What does he eat for lunch?

if the car smells like a dairy barn then he must have spilled a milk product in the car or dashboard.

Coffee spilled into the heating duct will create that smell too.

I did that in a work truck once. That was enough.

It took me a week of trying to disassemble the ductwork to wash it all out.

Thanks for your reply but the car has smelled this way for almost a year. It is a lease car and We were told it sat on the lot for about 9 months before we leased it. I suppose it is possible that someone did something like that to it before we got it but the smell should not have lasted this long. This is not a joke. I appreciate serious replies. Thanks.