Curdled Milk Smell in 2005 Prius



My 2005 Prius just recently (within two days) started to smell like curdled milk. It’s in the passenger compartment, front seats. The odor is very bad after a night in the garage, but sort of clears up after driving a while. The car is immaculately clean, and I can’t find any dead critters in it. HELP please! It’s been raining the last week and I can’t leave the windows open.


Check to see if the evaporator drain for the air conditioning is not plugged. If the evaporator is draining okey (look for water dripping under the car while the airconditioning is on), you may have to use a sanitizer on the evaporator.

Hope that helps


I take it that you have already determined that this odor is actually coming from the cabin and not the HVAC system?


Did your wife spill a latte? That’s what happened to my truck!