My husband think he fixs are air car

hi i am lisa from lexington sc

we have mercury tracer any way my husband thot he fixs the air to work but he did not every time we stop the car at a red light the thing would die on us we have 3 kids all in car seats and it is very tight fit in the back seat i told him we need a new car in sc the heat gets to 110 degrees in the summer and we really need a new car how can i talk him in to geting a new car he thinks you guys are wo0nderful and lison to every thing you say and he hangs on evry word please you are the kings of talk raidio please tell me how to talk him in to geting a new car we love your show we lison every time it is on thanks for every thing

from lisa lagrant from lexington sc

Somewhere an English teacher is crying… I kid, I kid. What year is the car in question? How many miles are on it? If you need a full blown AC system replacement it may not be worth fixing if the car is a 15 year old bucket with 200k on the clock. If it’s just low on refrigerant, then it may just end up costing $100 or so for a recharge.

For what it’s worth. Tom & Ray don’t respond to questions in this forum.

Thank you for breaking the ice, fodaddy. With three kids in car seats, a larger car is definitely in order. I just recently joined the daddy team and couldn’t stand the thought of my little one and wife having to deal with no a/c and questionable reliability. I ended up replacing both our cars with newer, safer, more reliable vehicles, one paid for in cash and one financed. I would encourage your husband to save up some money and look for a large sedan or minivan. Get it thoroughly inspected by a reputable mechanic if he is not so mechanically inclined, and use the findings to negotiate the price. I did that with my ‘beater’ car, a '96 Mercury Sable. A broken coil spring changed the price from $1700 to $1200 and I got a good, solid, reliable car that seats five comfortably, has a huge trunk, and gets about 30mpg on the highway. By the way, how do you get three car seats in the back of a Tracer?

I made a copy to show my writing Professor, this is pretty funny.

I think he can get the ac going again, if not heck I had no ac till 1991, a repair to the ac will probably be cheaper than a new car as long as it still runs ok.

Dear Lisa,

PLEASE promise us that your children will not be home-schooled.

That being said, if your family can afford a newer car, I am of the opinion that you and your children should be driven in something newer than this Mercury Tracer of unknown vintage. Any car manufactured in the past 5 years or so will be far superior in terms of side impact protection and in other measures of passenger safety. In addition to being more comfortable in a newer car with functioning A/C, those little kids of yours will be far safer.

A concerned, retired educator

Get a window unit air conditioner for a small room and install it by cutting a hole in the side of the vehicle. If you can do it in the back window, it will create less aerodynamic drag. You will either need to power it with an inverter wired directly to the battery or a generator. My buddy tells me he sees cars like this all the time out west.

Some of these here guys is jus funning y’all. Pay’em no never mind, ok? Theys don’t mean no harm.
Walmart sells the A/C recharge kits for about $30. Maybe, your old man could get the kit and recharge the A/C, or have a friend do it.

Start leaving the keys in the ignition when you park it at the mall. Maybe someone will steal it and then you’ll get your new car. I think your question is “please tell me how to talk him into getting a new car” ? Only YOU know how to talk to your spouse . . . why don’t you reason with him and try to work it out. No matter what a bunch of car guys says . . . this is between you two. Good luck! Rocketman

Why don’t you have your husband post here, so we can help him:) We will make sure he gets a newer car. He can still keep this one for his own entertainment.

is an air car the same as an airplane??

Just funnin…


Have you ever heard of Rush’s song Red Barchetta? The lyrics describe a futuristic chase:

Suddenly, ahead of me, across the mountainside
A gleaming alloy air-car shoots towards me, two lanes wide
I spin around with shrieking tires, to run the deadly race
Go screaming through the valley as another joins the chase*

So , I’m sure you’re well aware of the vast numbers of ‘‘high school graduates’’ who are attempting to enter college with english skills like this.
When my wife went back to school for her R.N. degree after the kids grew up and moved away, the college HIRED her as an english tutor for these entering students who did not possess the dirt basic liguistic abilities as displayed above.

I really don’t want to berate Lisa so much as to bring the subject to light. If english is your second language, maybe. But come on, a little puctuation at least.

I bet she posted by texting from a cell phone. And people wonder why I have texting blocked on my phone and still like to handwrite letters!

OP Lisa, I don’t mean to be rude but if you wish the good people on this forum who spend their time assisting people to give you a helpful answer, you need to show them the courtesy of taking enough time to post your question in properly formatted, grammatical, PUNCTUATED sentences, please.

Guys, be nice.

Unfortunately, the only choices you have are to take the car to a shop and get the AC repaired correctly or get a new vehicle. A shop will need to find and repair the leak and recharge the system.


I beg to differ. Here is another alternative.

I stand corrected.

I see he’s also found a way to provide the necessary 115VAC and also to repair his broken tail light. He must be related to Red Green.

bump up for rebecca ( post ‘portable air conditioner for car’ ) to see.

Wow, don’t you guys think you were kind of hard on the OP? I agree the grammar is poor buts sometimes there are legitimate reasons, i.e, disabilities. I hope the OP has never checked back.

Do you disagree with my suggestion that her children should NOT be home-schooled?