My girlfriends brother is inadvertently ruining GFs car

refer to my previous post. well he thinks brake grease goes on brake pad on the friction surface so he put grease on only the friction surface.
he doesnt tighten lugnuts in star pattern (i learned this in army i was 91B) and has no clue what a torque wrench is or what torque specs are so he over tightened all the lugnuts.

not only are the studs and/or lugnuts stripped, now there is brake grease on friction surfaces of the new front brakes

at this point i told my GF to take it to a mechanic i trust because studs are somewhat of labor to replace and i dont know the ramnifications of having greased brake pads would be.

we both drove the car.

the steering wheel leans towards passenger side or to right a bit.

i cant believe this guy acts like he knows what he is doing and he is inadvertently messing up his own sisters car!!

this is so much of a headache!!

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Hopefully your GF has now learned to never allow her brother to get anywhere near her car. Unfortunately, she learned this lesson in a very expensive way.


He just ruined the pads, they’ll need to be replaced and the rotors cleaned. Anyone that does this should not be allowed near a car repair.


**DO NOT try to drive it to a shop have it towed.


He is probably one of those Face Book/TikTok posters showing how easy it is to do brake work… Gezzz…

I can’t wait to hear about him rebuilding his engine while laying in a sandbox next… :astonished:

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What kind of idiot puts grease on brake pads? :upside_down_face:


Lets not be too quick to throw stones at the brother. You gotta learn somewhere and the learning curve includes a lot of bonehead mistakes. Hope he learns from this and starts reading instructions and maintenance manuals before tackling future jobs, or gets a mentor.

Who here hasn’t had one of their first attempts at auto repair require someone with more experience to step in and fix what they just fixed or even had to have a car towed to a shop to unscrew what they just screwed up.

The first time I tried to adjust the timing on my 55 Chevy when I was 16 required a tow to a shop to set it right. I eventually found mentors to help me keep that and subsequent vehicles running right.

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But this mistake could easily have killed someone.


Thats what the BF is for.

Why can’t the grease on the brake pads be cleaned off? If the brakes still work it is not hurting anything, but you might put some grease on the rear too so they don’t skid first. Eventually the grease will go away.

Ignorance coupled with arrogance is a very dangerous combination…

Greasing brake pads ensures lifetime guarantee- either they never wear down or the car is totaled because it can’t stop. :crazy_face:


Not on someone else’s car.

If you want to start somewhere, mess up your own car.

The learning curve becomes very steep when your own car is out of commission until you learn how to do it right.



That better be a joke because this is the most dangerous advice I have ever seen you post. A dangerous idiot greases the pad friction surface and you suggest doing the same to the rears. Just stop before someone takes you seriously.

The greased pads are ruined. The grease soaks in and glazes the surface of the pad greatly reducing the friction destroying the braking efficiency.


I think the [[[ SNOWMAN ]]] may be some kin to [[[ BROTHER IDIOT ]]] with giving advise like that oops almost forgot the [[[ SNOWMAN ]]] don’t let facts get in the way of nonsense. :upside_down_face:


It can’t be cleaned off.

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I have seen some extremely questionable advice from you in the past, but your latest advice is just plain dangerous.


So what actually happens if the grease is put on the pads? Sudden unexpected loss of brakes? The car starts on fire? The wheels explode?

Anyone driving the car would know this. Maybe he did the rear brakes where the reduced braking power wouldn’t be noticed.

It’s not a joke. Real wheel skidding is very dangerous, whether it’s from hydroplaning or improperly maintained brakes. At least with brakes you can back off on the brakes. But if worn tires were put on the rear with new in the front, then the car might already be out of control by this point.

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Most people aren’t stupid enough to drive a car if the brakes barely work. As far as I can see, it’s not like the brakes are going to suddenly get worse when driving because the pads are contaminated with oil.

Asked and ansered

Since the front brakes do 70 to 85% of the braking the loss of friction will greatly decrease braking.


When I was probably about 8, my brother and I helped put air in my mom’s car. The air pump had a pressure setting. We thought that if 30 is good, 90 must be better. Luckily the station worker noticed before we got on the road.