My dream car is for sale!

help! do i buy my dream car - an 86 volvo wagon - blue - with 300,000 miles on it? did i mention it was blue?

With a Volvo that old and with that many miles there is a fine line between “dream” and “nightmare”. I think you are at that dividing line and are wise to sell it.

You Had Me Going There For A Minute. If This Isn’t A Joke Then Go Ahead And Buy It. What Have You Got Lose . . . A Hundred Or Two - Hundred Bucks ?


If it runs, has no rust, and is less than $500, then go ahead. Don’t expect it to be a daily driver, though.

An '86 Volvo wagon is your dream car? Wow. And I thought MY dreams were modest!

Seriously, don’t pay more than $500 and have another car for daily use…you’ll need it.

It should be a good purchase, as long as you don’t depend upon it.
If you do, your “dream” car will quickly turn into a “nightmare”.

Is it a diesel?

Also, weren’t they all blue back then?

While you are dreaming, keep your eyes open for a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO for me.