My distracted driving story

Hi, all. Well, although I haven’t gotten into any distraction-disasters per-se, I suppose that I could share with you a little story involving the closest i’ve gotten to distracted driving.

Last year, in the winter, there was a big concert going on with big names in the metal and punk scenes; and it took place on the night of last year’s intense blizzard. Like the doofus kid I am, I put my own safety in the back seat and drove to the event.

On the way back, things were HORRID. I was driving through back-roads that were unpaved; my wheels constantly treading through 4 inches of snowy slipperiness.

I was driving slowly enough, right? I was doing about 30mph in a 40; thank god there were no tailgating idiots behind me. As the snow pummeled my windshield, my brights the only thing lighting the way, I figured that I would be fine; that is, until I hit THE BIG CURVE.

I was doing 30 mph down a snow-covered back road that I did not know, and out of nowhere, I hit a sharp, SHARP curve; my car slid into it as I freaked out, yanking my steering wheel all the way to the right. My front and back right wheels GOT ONTO THE CURB as I made this massive turn, and I was fortunate enough to get those two wheels back onto the road where they belonged.

I took a breather, until I realized; …“I’M HEADED DIRECTLY FOR A HOUSE!!”

I freaked out once more and turned the wheel all the way to the left; the car responded accordingly, and I was headed directly towards another house. About 3 drastic, all-the-way-turns of the wheel later, I finally managed to pull to a halt in the middle of the road, the only remains of the incident being the obnoxious snow-tracks behind me. I thank my lucky stars I didn’t destroy my car, or even worse, someone’s house! Goddamn!

The moral of the story, even if George Carlin came back from the dead and performed in your area on a day of a big blizzard, DO NOT GO, heh!

When flying we call it the ‘‘almost there’’ syndrome. ( or ‘almost home’ )

You were distracted by being ‘just this close’ to home when the logical and safer choice would have been to stay…or turn around and go back to the place of the concert.

When flying, we cannot just pull over to the side of the road.
In a small single engine Cessna and faced with horrid weather we’re supposed to land at an alternate airport to wait it out. If going around the weather it’s common to forget to recalculate fuel consumtion as well.

Waited over ten minutes for a semi to back into dock close to the road.When the driver finally came into my view,he was talking on a cell phone while trying to do this.Enough said.