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My daughters 2004 Passat diesel

my daughter lives in Florida and while driveing home from work the following happened she writes me Iwas driveingon i-95 and all of a sudden it felt as though the car lost power, stepping on the gas pedal a the car was not accelerating she noticed the RPM dial was almost to the red area but the car was barely moving forward. the car wasa in drive the cruse control was not on and the tipptronic was not on she took her foot off the gas the RPM fell and she pressed the gas again that helped a littleto get the car to glideforward agin but very slow so she put on her hazards and drove home about 15 miles in the slow lane by getting on the gas then off then back on it felt as though the car could die at anytime. this is after major work had been done at the dealer new cam lifters seals and timing belt. now they are saying that the torque converter is slipping at a cost to her of 2,500.oo installed? plus the 22,00 hundred already spent should she get a second opinion or push the car into one of the canals

Well, it sounds like the transmission. There isn’t much to do but replace or repair them. Once they slip like that, they need to be pulled out and taken apart.