My chrysler 1999 concorde lxi wheel is stiff and the car stoped why?

I was driving in my neighborhood at like 25mph and when I pressed the brake in a stop sign then let go to turn the wheel was very hard to turn and the brake and accelerator pedal where locked as if the car was on park then the car slowly stopped but it still felt like if it was on. Also speedmeter and the whole board went to zero and the ckeck engine light came on. I put it on park and turned it off for a minute or 2 turn it on and I was on my way again but I this time I was going at like 35mph-45 but the engine was making a noice the same one car make when your going fast and accelerating which is weird for 35mph.

I took it to the dealership a day ago they did a diagnosis that all they did and they got this code from the computer P1698, P1792, P1739

The symptoms are those of a stalled engine. The codes are tranny codes.

My guess is that the tranny torque converter lockup clutch never released, keeping the tranny connected to the engine when you stopped and forcing the engine to a near stall.

I think you need a good tranny shop.

Disclosure: I’m not a tranny guy. Transman, should he happen by, could probably see the codes and give you a real good idea what’s wrong. I hope he stops by.

I would add that they seem to indicate that the PCM lost electrical power while the car was running, and then regained it before the OP turned the key off.

Another good possibility.

I thought of that too, but couldn’t reconcile it with the continued noise when the car drove on.

Perhaps it’s multiple problems…

Good possibility.

The P1792 indicates that the battery voltage to the Transmission Control Module was disconnected. The P1739 indicates that the TCM was powered up while the selector was in drive and the car moving more than 20 mph. The P1698 indicates that CCD bus failure message from the TCM.

All of these could be caused by an intermittant loss of battery power to the TCM so check the battery connections and clean them if they look or test suspicious. Also check the Batt power fuse to the TCM that may be where the intermittant is located. Also in the diagnosis tree is to check the ground of the TCM. The engine noise you experienced when you continued your trip was probably the TCM commanding ‘limp home’ mode which, IIRC, allows only second gear and reverse. You usually can clear this mode by turning the ignition key completely off and restarting the car. If the initial condition still remains the TCM will again command ‘limp home’ mode.

Hope this helps.